Welcome to Treeline Labs!!!

Lucy and Mia

My husband and I along with our two children have been raising Labradors at our home in the Ozarks since 2005 but our love for the breed didn’t start there.  We have always been fascinated with the intelligence of a Lab and loyalty and love to their family but excellent health, temperament, and conformation was equally important to us when starting our breeding program.  Within the last few years we have added some Rottweilers to our home and are looking forward to sharing them with you also. Below is our Lab Lucy that we raised from a puppy out of Bella and Brutus and beside her is Mia at only 5 months old.

We are a small facility and only occasionally have puppies for sale but whether you are looking for a hunting partner, family pet or a loyal companion we hope you find it here at Treeline. We promise to not only provide you with a healthy, happy puppy but we will do the best we can to make your experience exciting and memorable. After all that is exactly what getting a new puppy should be like!!! 

 Lucy and Mia




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